Looking Ahead: An Update from USC President Carol L. Folt

Click Here to check out USC President Carol L. Folt’s recent update, including reflecting on Fall 2019 accomplishments, addressing recent concerns and fears about the coronavirus. February Black History Month events at the school, and her outlook towards the future.

Inside the Newsletter you will find more in-depth details about a number of key areas:

 ⦁ Access and Affordability
⦁ Student Health
⦁ Admissions
⦁ Sustainability
⦁ Faculty, Students, and Athletics
⦁ Keck Medicine of USC
⦁ Human Resources and Staff
⦁ The Culture Commission
⦁ Philanthropy
⦁ And lastly, President Folt’s recent interview about a variety of issues impacting USC.

A great read to stay updated on the greater Trojan family!

Fight on!