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How to Contact Us

How to Contact Us:

USC Naval ROTC Alumni League
Department of Naval Science
University of Southern California
3560 Watt Way,
PED Room 101
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0654

NROTC  Office  Phone  Number:  (213) 740-2663

Our NROTC Alumni League members are scattered all over the world and it is always fun trying to keep up with all your moves and changes. One way that we can keep up, is for you to complete the “Update my Information” section of the Return Slip of The LOG when you send in your tax deductible dues and contributions. Another way is to access the USC Alumni Association web site  to  update  your  profile,  e-­mail  or   mailing address. Whenever you move, get promoted, change your email address, go online to the USC Alumni site and pop in the current info. We don’t want you to become LOST…