Phil Tenkhoff ’59

I am retired and living in Olympia, WA. Last May, I organized a 50th reunion of my Naval Reactor Engineering School class in Pittsburgh. We all served under ADM Hyman Rickover, “Father of the Nuclear Navy.”

George McMichael ’57

My son-in-law, LCDR Dave Schwind, has left the Navy for a civilian position in Northern California. Paddy and I will be following the four grandchildren and returning to California as soon as we can sell our home on the Elizabeth River in Chesapeake, VA. We will be moving to the Central Valley, in or near Vacaville to be close to the grandchildren and simply to get back “out west.”

Clark Leonard ’56

Life is good! Retired for 26 years, still playing tennis twice weekly, only slower than while playing for USC. Also still playing competitive Bridge twice a week. Grandson is a Marine like me! 1stLt deployed to Afghanistan in February 2012. His wife, also a 1stLt, came home from Afghanistan in February – not much   time   to   meet.     It’s   been   a   tough   first   year   of   marriage  for  them.    Semper  Fi  and  pray  for  our  troops.

Howard Laverty ’54

I served 7 1/2 years of active duty: 2 years on USS HELENA (CA-75) with 2 WESTPAC cruises, 2 years aboard USS LOFBERG (DD-759) with 2 WESTPAC cruises, 2 years at FLEET ASW School in San Diego, 1 year on USS HAMUL (AD-20) home ported in Long Beach, CA. In 1962, I left active duty but remained in the Ready Reserve for the next 22 years and retired as a Captain in 1985. After retiring, I served as a US Naval Academy  Information  Officer  for  14  years.    If  I  count  my   NROTC time, I wore the Navy uniform for 48 years.

Astronaut Gerald P. (Jerry) Carr ’54

Pat and I are living in Manchester Center, VT and enjoying winters. We’re not fully retired, but making a full-time effort in sculpture. Pat, an artist for over 60 years, designs our pieces and I engineer them. We have a large commissioned sculpture on the grounds of the newly opened Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. It was a proud moment for us when it was dedicated. The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation has, at my urging, selected USC as a participating university for an annual $10,000 sci- ence/engineering/technology/math scholarship. I had the pleasure  of  presenting  the  first  check  to  Simca  Bouma  on   3 Oct 11. She is an outstanding student!

Elmer E. Wachter ’52

Please inform your readers that Harry L. Wachter ’56 passed away approximately 20 years ago.

Philip Kitchin ’51

We are moving to St. Petersburg, FL in July 2012. Our daughter, LtCol Nancy K. Fagan, re- tired after 20+ years in the Air Force and now works for the VA in St. Petersburg.

R. Bruce Campbell ’49*

I was a Holloway Plan Ap- prentice Seaman, V-5, USNR at USC in 1946. We lived in Newkirk Hall on campus, wore Navy uniforms full time, marched to some events, did PE in the parking lot daily, and were not allowed to drive cars. That was nearly 60 years ago! The program died after one semester and I ended up back at USC in civilian attire with the Navy still paying the bills but no more room and board. Got my orders to Pensacola in October 1947, my Navy wings of  gold  in  1949  and  then  went  off  to  fly  with  VP-­28  and   VP-­22  in  the  Pacific.    Returning  to  USC  was  put  on  hold   by a little problem in Korea and a tour as a multi-engine flight  instructor  in  Hutchinson,  KS  plus  3  years  flying  Su- per   Constellations   for   MATS.     I   finally   returned   to   Troy   in 1958 for my junior and senior years. By then, I was a Navy Lieutenant with a wife, two kids and a house in Van Nuys. It was entertaining to be in class with a lot of straight out of high school freshmen. During that time, I visited  the  NROTC  office  in  the  PE  Building  every  pay- day  and  did  my  flying  out  of  NAS  Los  Alamitos.    Left  the   campus with a BA in Business in 1959 and completed a memorable   career   flying   airplanes   for   the   Navy,   retiring   in 1975 as a Captain.

*Though CAPT Campbell is not a USC NROTC Alumnus, his involve- ment  with  the  NROTC  program  qualifies  him  for  an  associate  member- ship in our League.

William T. Burris, Jr. ’45

Bob Benner and I are the remaining half of foursome roommates “Benner-Berhard- Borch & Burris” – exiled with the Drum and Bugle Corps to the “other” dorm whilst at USC NROTC 1942-45.

H. Lawrence Wilsey ’44

Served active duty in Norfolk, VA 1944 – 45. USNR 1945 – 47. Resigned Naval Reserve Commission at the request of the Navy, since I was then a Foreign  Service  Officer  and  the  State  Department  would   not   release   me.     Served   as   Foreign   Service   Staff   Officer   until 1952. Chief, China Division of AID until 1955. Management consultant and bank executive 1955 – 2010. Now retired.