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Board of Directors Meetings

All NROTC Alumni League Members are invited to attend the Spring and Fall Board meetings as non-voting attendees. Reservations can be made with Paul Alwine: Home (949) 559-8659 / cell (949) 636-0603 or e-mail alwine@cox.net.

How to Contact Us

How to Contact Us:

USC Naval ROTC Alumni League
Department of Naval Science
University of Southern California
3560 Watt Way,
PED Room 101
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0654

NROTC  Office  Phone  Number:  (213) 740-2663

Our NROTC Alumni League members are scattered all over the world and it is always fun trying to keep up with all your moves and changes. One way that we can keep up, is for you to complete the “Update my Information” section of the Return Slip of The LOG when you send in your tax deductible dues and contributions. Another way is to access the USC Alumni Association web site http://alumni.usc.edu/benefits/online.html  to  update  your  profile,  e-­mail  or   mailing address. Whenever you move, get promoted, change your email address, go online to the USC Alumni site and pop in the current info. We don’t want you to become LOST…

Spring Ball – Generations

The USC NROTC Spring Ball was another Town Gown success this March, with representation from a wide spread of Trojan Naval generations: all the way back to 1945. Retired Captain Paul Alwine shakes hands as he awards SSgt Jade Hill a $1000 Alumni League Scholarship, watched on by 1945 Trojan NROTC Alumnus Robert Benner. Mr. Benner has become the namesake of the new Bob and Carol Benner Memorial Trophy competition, which is a comprehensive battalion competition between USC and UCLA.

Basketball Victory

The Midshipmen “Ballers” of the Trojan Battalion brought home a basketball victory at UCLA’s home. The Bloodball game is the annual USC vs. UCLA NROTC Battalion basketball game that contributes to the overall total points for the Bob and Carol Benner Memorial Trophy, which also includes the annual Football Game, and Marion Davies Drill Meet.

Trojans in the Field

Our Trojan Marines and Sailors completed a successful 2-day Field Training Exercise in Camp Pendleton.  Guided by Battalion Advisor Major Caceres, the focus of the exercise was prepare our OCS-bound junior “bullpups” for several training elements that they’ll meet during the summer.