Alumni League Purpose

The USC Naval ROTC Alumni League is a non-profit service organization, whose purpose is to support, promote and strengthen ties between NROTC alumni, Midshipmen of the USC battalion, U.S. Naval forces, and the University of Southern California. All Navy and Marine Corps alumni of the USC NROTC program (currently over 2000+ officers) are automatically members of the Alumni League. .

Alumni League Objectives

The objectives of the USC NROTC Alumni League are to:
. Actively assist NROTC Midshipmen and unit staff at USC.
. Give special recognition to outstanding NROTC Midshipmen.
. Endow awards and scholarships to further the educational aims of the NROTC program.
. Provide funding, as available, for the betterment of the USC NROTC battalion.
. Attend and support USC NROTC battalion events.
. Promote social and recreation programs between the Midshipmen and members of the Alumni League.
. Provide mentoring and continuing fellowship.
. Plan and conduct Alumni League reunions.
. Assist officers returning to civilian life in pursuing business and reserve careers.
. Build Naval service and alumni traditions among all Midshipmen.

Alumni League Organization
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A Board of Directors, an Executive Committee, and a President govern the Alumni League, and officers are elected to serve a two-year term. The annual Board of Directors meeting is held usually in October, and a Semi-annual Board meeting is held in the spring. There is close liaison and involvement with the Commanding Officer of the USC NROTC unit, along with his staff officers.
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All NROTC alumni are affiliated with the decade in which they were commissioned, and there are Decade Chairmen and Co-Chairmen responsible for each ten classes of a decade. The Alumni League is always looking additional support and service by members interested in helping to “give back” to the current Midshipmen and the USC NROTC unit.